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 Work With Me 

One to One Private Coaching

Rebound from Betrayal

8 Week Journey for Feminine Leaders to Heal from Betrayal and Reclaim their Power to Lead and Love. 

You are a powerful woman, but you might not feel your powerful self right now.


You have been betrayed by the person (or group?) you trusted the most.


The pain is debilitating and exhausting.


You don't have time for this and you absolutely... do NOT want it to happen again.


It’s easy to feel stuck, lost and confused in the wake of betrayal.


But there is a map.  


There is a path for getting through this faster, easier, more efficiently.


It is possible.


What People Say.

“Viraja is quite simply a one of a kind human being whose presence alone is a gift. Through my healing journey, I have become extremely discerning about who I work with to make sure they have the capacity to truly meet me in an attuned, caring, compassionate way. The first time I met Viraja, she met me in this way and allowed me to work through deep pain, anxiety, and sadness with compassion, love, and so much presence. I knew immediately how safe and healing it was to work with her.”

Mona Motwani

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Writer, Humanitarian

“Viraja is a living embodiment of a lifetime of loving and helping others connect to their hearts. She is dedicated, committed and does her own self work and relational work. She is a true gem, and for those of you that choose to work with her... Your hearts cannot help but shine ever brighter under her playful tutelage.”

Raina DeLear, Ph.D

Co-Founder and Master Teacher Luminous Awareness Institute, Mentor, Healer, Spiritual Life Coach

“Your feedback was so helpful for recognizing where I am right now, what I want, what my heart wants, where I'm triggered, and what I want to work on. I had a long conversation with my husband about it yesterday and he was also really grateful for my newfound self-understanding, which makes his life a little easier. We appreciate you, Goddess Viraja!!”



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